Young local dancers prepare to hit center stage with professional dance company

Local young dancers are preparing to hear their curtain call on stages across the state. 
"I love dancing.  It's something that I feel is a part of me and I love performing and being part of an audience.  I would love to be a professional dancer," said Jordan Nataé.
It's dream that is coming true for 14-year-old Jordan Nataé thanks to Bruce Steivel, an internationally recognized choreographer and teacher.
Steivel is currently the Artistic Director at Bay Pointe Ballet, a professional dance company in San Francisco. 
He hand chose 15 local dancers to star in his acclaimed adaption of Peter Pan, set to tour California and currently in production around the world.
Professional dancers from Bay Pointe will perform the lead roles, as young Bakersfield dancers join in on the journey to Neverland.
"To have that all come together here in Bakersfield.  This is such a good opportunity.  It's great practice.  It's great experience and they'll just learn so much confidence and just get stronger and stronger as a dancer," said Trisha Kniffen, a Kern Dance Alliance Board Member.
Nataé said she is full of happy thoughts and pixie dust to learn from Steviel and other professionals.
"It's pretty cool.  I mean you get to meet new people, you get to see all of these little ones and all of these older people that you actually look up to and it's pretty exciting. All the different choreography and all the different styles that they bring to the table and I can put something new on my resume," Nataé said.
"It's very good for the kids to work with a professional company.  All of our dancers are professional, they're doing a professional performance, they're on a professional stage, it's very different from their local recitals," said Bruce Steivel, Artistic Director and Choreographer. 
An experience Steivel said all young dancers need. 
"It's very important for kids, especially around age 12 to 14, to go out and see what's out here because in local cities, even in San Francisco, the kids don't get out to see what's out there," Steivel said.
As the local dancers journey past the second star to the right and straight on til morning, Steivel hopes much like Peter Pan, they never forget their love.
"This is our future audience.  Hopefully when they grow up, if they don't decide to do it as a career, they will come and support as spectators.  Keep dance alive.  That's the most important thing," Steivel said. 
There are currently four performances scheduled in California for the local dancers, one October 1, 2016 at the Fox Theatre in Bakersfield. 
For more information about the performance, click here.

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