Local votes still to be counted, why the wait?

Local votes still to be counted, why the wait?

Votes from Tuesday's primary are still to be counted. But many want to know why it takes so long.
BAKERSFIELD, CA -- Voter turnout was low for the Tuesday primary. The Kern County Elections office says 16% of those registered cast a ballot.

Wednesday morning, elections workers were still counting vote by mail ballots. Most of the votes cast at the polls were counted Tuesday night, but the results seemed slow out of the local elections office. "Here in Kern County we have polls that are located in various parts of the county so we have to wait for those ballots to come in," said Susan Rooney, Assistant Auditor Controller County Clerk.

Rooney says "they are physically driven into our office. So, we have votes coming in as far away as Ridgecrest. We have teams coming in from Taft, Delano, so we have all of the outlying areas. So it takes a while for those to arrive."

Assistant Auditor Controller County Clerk Susan Rooney added, Kern County also counts all of the touch screen votes cast the night of the election. That takes more time compared to other counties that wait to do that later.

After the vote by mail ballots are counted, local election workers will move on to the provisional ballots. They hope to have all of the votes counted in a few days and update the results either Friday or Monday.

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