Bakersfield College files legal action over football sanctions

That's after an appeals board determined the college's third-round appeal of sanctions to athletics was denied.
BAKERSFIELD, CA -- Officials at Bakersfield College say the college has filed legal action against the California Community College Athletics Association (CCCAA) over sanctions levied against the college’s athletics department and football program. On August 30, Bakersfield College received official word from the CCCAA Appeals Board that the college’s third-round appeal of sanctions to athletics was denied.

“Even though this entire matter could have been resolved with the CCCAA through a fair and equitable process, we were denied that,” said Dr. Sonya Christian, president of Bakersfield College. “Submitting to binding arbitration that CCCAA has dictated, which we firmly believe does not promote due process, was not an option. We felt our only option was to seek legal redress.”

The college and district have retained the services of C. Christine Maloney of Foster Employment Law to lead the legal action against CCCAA. Papers were served to CCCAA and the Southern California Football Association (SCFA) on Friday, September 13, 2013.

“Christine is a strong advocate for public entities and a champion of fair processes utilized by those public entities,” said Christian. “Further, Christine has experience and success in litigating against the CCCAA, and I am confident she is the best person to represent our students, our athletic program, and Bakersfield College.”

The legal documentation and communications with CCCAA and SCFA are posted online at

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