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A local man says he quit his job after he was being dishonest with the community.
BAKERSFIELD, CA -- Glen Klepic says he was trained to tell people it was free to sign up for Blue Spruce Energy.  But, once you read deep into the contract, there's a 33 cent fee per day charge.

The company told 17 News it's the administrative fee and that they deny Klepic's allegations. "There was indeed a charge for being part of the program when we were telling them that there was no charge."

Glen Klepic worked for Blue Spruce Energy for two weeks until he says the company wasn't being upfront and in some cases, he says people weren't saving 10 percent like originally promised.  "We don't give them time to read all the small print in the contract before signing it, so they take me for my word when I say it's free to sign up."

Klepic says after he told people there wasn't a fee to join, he looked in the contract only to see customers would be charged 33 cents per day. "Somebody in the high up knows that charge is on there and they should let the customers know that. I don't think they would have many people sign up if they knew about that charge that was on there."

According to Blue Spruce, they do know about the charge and call it the "administrative fee" and say customers should notice it in the contract.   Katie Allen with Pacific Gas & Electric says there are 20 authorized core transport agents also known as third party gas providers. "If you sign up with a CTA, you will still receive a PG&E bill, a gas representative will still come to your home or business to read your meter and PG&E will still be responsible for the safety and reliable delivery of your gas to your home or business."

Allen says from June of last year to August of this year, PG&E has recieved nearly 2,000 complaints about CTAs.   Allen says PG&E is mandated by the California Public Utilities Commission to offer service to PG&E customers.

Klepic says he belives the companies are being dishonest.  Blue spruce disagrees. A statement reads in part, "Blue Spruce takes these false accusations seriously and denies them in the strongest terms possible.   Blue Spruce provides each customer with a written contract specifying all applicable terms and conditions (including a customer charge to cover costs related to utility transportation charges, data management and bill preparation).  Customers are contacted via telephone shortly after signing up to clarify any questions they have."

Blue Spruce says if you're unhappy with its service, you can drop out anytime.  There is no contract.

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