Dinky the Dog

A local dog has social media fans begging for more.
A local dog has social media fans begging for more.  Dinky-doo is his name but his followers know him by just Dinky and his videos on Vine are going viral.

Dinky's owners KGET's Rachelle Murcia told me they named him that because he was so dinky as a puppy. Now, he's big time.

At first look, Dinkylooks like an ordinary dog. But when he hears "action," it's clear this dog doesn't roll with normal pack.

(anthony reece, dinky's owner)

"One day he just sat up like a Buddha man and it just clicked. From there, I started recording it and people start liking it and liking it and they ask for more Dinky and I just gave then more Dinky," said Dinky's owner Anthony Reece.

Dinky stars in dozens of videos in spoof TV shows and movies. Others feature his own moves.

"Right when I set it up, I open up his toy box he starts picking out his little outfits and waits and wags his tail and I know he's ready to be a little actor," said Reece.

"I was very entertained with the idea and how creative and how much fun he had doing it and the dog cracks me up," said Starla Reece.

The little dog has become a super sensation! Dinky's Vine account now has fetched over 80 thousand followers. Everyone wants to see what Dinky is going to do next, from regular Joe's to Superstars.

(anthony reece, dinky's owner)

"We got Little John, we've got DJ Diplo following us. We have a bunch of celebrities following Dinky right now. He's blowing up like an inner tube right now," said Anthony Reece.

"I had no idea it was going to go this far," said Starla Reece.

The videos led to sponsorships with BarkBox and PetBox. Dinky donates all proceeds to animal rescues.

Dinky's dad, Anthony, says he posts about one video a day.
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