Mediathon raises more than $45,000

Thanks to your generosity, The Children's Miracle Network raised more than $45,000 at our day-long mediathon.
BAKERSFIELD, CA -- Thanks to your generosity, the Children's Miracle Network raised more than $45,000 at our day long mediathon. The money benefits Bakersfield Memorial Hospital and the Lauren Small Children's Medical Center.  The money raised will help equip the brand new emergency room for children there.
"It's beautiful. I was standing over there in the back watching it, it's just beautiful watching it all come together. People from every different walks of life, every department in the hospital our businesses, our companies coming here in one day," says Lourdes Nilon, children's miracle network.  

The biggest donation came from Breeann Romo, Greg Gutierrez, and Mike Hay who gave a pledge of $23,000, after raising money climbing Mount Kilimanjaro earlier this month. "It's an awesome feeling that we're physically and mentally able to do something like this for our community especially when it doesn't take a whole of effort because we're big travelers anyway and so we just had to add the fundraiser aspect to the climb and boom we had it," says Romo. 

One hundred percent of your pledge stays local and helps provide critical care to kids so they don't have to travel elsewhere.  If you would like to donate, you can log on to
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