New effort to rename Westside Parkway

The online petition to rename the highway after Wendy Wayne just opened Wednesday night.
BAKERSFIELD, CA -- The online petition just opened Wednesday night and already has well over one hundred signatures.
The university's president says the petition has received overwhemling support those who knew of Wenday Wayne and her legacy.

She was known as the Mother Theresa of Bakersfield.  And now, along with a scholarship fund and an ethics award, Wendy Wayne's legacy could be cemented through the new Westside Parkway.

"In the community we thought it would be important to have other symbols that recognized her and this would certainly be an excellent one," says CSUB President, Dr. Horace Mitchell. 

Dr. Mitchell is asking for the Westside Parkway to be called the CSU Bakersfield alumna Wendy Wayne Memorial Parkway. "It's an honor for the family and I think it's something that appropriate for Wendy with her connection to Cal State Bakersfield," says Gene Tackett, Wayne's husband.

Wayne earned her nursing degree from CSUB, was a Peace Corps volunteer in East Africa, and held positions on countless non-profit and community boards.  Wayne passed away in 2012 after a two year battle with non-hodgkins lymphoma. She was 64.

Gene Tackett, Wayne's husband, is all for the idea of honoring his late wife on the streets of Bakersfield noting that the Westside Parkway feeds into the university's surrounding community.

"I think we need to do as much as we can to remember we have a great university here in Bakersfield and if Wendy's legacy and reputation will help then I think that's a good thing."

Dr. Mitchell says there are discussions of renaming Cal State Bakersfield's nursing program after Wendy Wayne. To sign the petition, click on the following link.

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