Radio personality fighting breast cancer

Niki Reyes has been out on disability fighting breast cancer for the last six months, getting benefits from her employer.
BAKERSFIELD, CA -- Niki Reyes was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, when she went in for a routine mammogram to show her listeners how important it is to have one.

She worked through chemo but in July she went on disability, still on her radio station's health plan.  Then she got this letter.

Niki Reyes used to be on the radio every morning. But for the last six months Kelly 95.3 has been without because Reyes decided to go on disability.  "You know I had just finished chemo and my body was done because I had worked all through chemo."

Reyes was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in the fall of 2012, since then she has fought the disease. Lately getting one $30 thousand treatment every 3 weeks.

Then in January she got this letter from her employer Buckley Radio saying "the morning show co-host position you held when you began your leave, has been restructured due to "budget cuts."

Offering her a part-time morning show, host working one hour a day, with no, medical benefits. "I went into panic mode I had a couple more treatments left and I really need those treatments I needed to finish it I need those medical benefits."

So Reyes took to social media. Getting dozens of responses, some angry at the station, but some offered help. "I found out a lot of information."

Reyes says there are dozens of organizations that help cancer patients without benefits get care, a few that are helping her cover all her costs.  "Unfortunately it takes money to beat cancer it takes money to be a survivor."

Which is what Reyes is, in remission she says her oncologist is optimistic. "I'm getting better and doing better."

Hoping her story helps others get the treatment they deserve. "You have to be hopeful and lean on other people because that's what cancer is about it's a community that's what cancer is about nobody fights cancer by themselves we all need each other to fight it and beat it."

The general manager at KLLY who operates Kelly 95-3, said she could not comment on this matter because Reyes is still a current employee.

Here are some resources that can help can help cancer patients. 

Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center (661) 322-2206

Kern County Cancer Fund (661) 862-7136

Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Foundation (514) 482-8174

A.I.S. Cancer Center at San Joaquin Community Hospital (661) 323-HOPE (4673)

Covered California 1-800-300-1506

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