Shirley Fire: Game of wait and see

You can see the line of smoke in the hills northwest of Wofford Heights.
WOFFORD HEIGHTS, CA -- It's really a game of wait and see right now.

You can see the line of smoke of in the hills northwest of Wofford Heights. That's where crews will be focusing but it's really all up to the strength of this wind whether crews can get more containment.

A spokesperson says crews worked all night north of Old River Road setting a fireline around the part of the fire that jumped containment.

And that's where officials say theyll be focusing on holding that fire line above Wofford Heights.

While cooler temperatures are expected to help, the wind and the dry brush is not.

While the fire has only burned about 200 acres in the last 12 to 16 hours, it is still expected to be active.

But since there are surprisingly no other wildfires in the state, there are plenty of firefighters.

We've seen dozens of helicopters heading to drop water on the Shirley Fire were told air strikes are one of the fire crews' primary lines of defense.

Crews are hoping to lift some of the 500 some evacuations Monday night but only time will tell.

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