Two teens lose both parents in matter of days

But friends home to raise $40,000 so the girls can continue to pay for school.
BAKERSFIELD, CA -- The loss was sudden. This past Christmas Kristen and Emily had a mom and dad, now they're both gone.

But friends hope to raise $40,000 so the girls can continue to pay for school.

"Oh my gosh the most loving family you've ever seen."

A family with two daughters, 13-year-old Emily, a junior high student at St. John's Lutheran and 19-year-old Kristen  going to CSUB. They were living normal happy lives until last month when their mom Karen Morgan got sick.

"Right after Christmas time she took a turn for the worse."

Christy Burke worked with Karen at St. John's.  She remembers visiting her in the hospital, two weeks later, Karen died of the flu January 12.

"Extremely sad shocking cause it was sudden didn't expect that."

Then January 20 the girls got another blow they didn't expect.

Their dad, Bill, who they say they don't even have a picture of, went to the hospital.

"Went to the hospital for upper respiratory issues turned out to be major grave illness."

Stage 4 cancer, diagnosed on a Monday, the girls lost their father, Wednesday, just ten days after the passing of their mom.

"Here you have two babies without parents."

Babies with a mountain of medical bills, tuition deadlines and expenses but no money. That's when St. John's stepped in.

"They're very humble people and they haven't asked for one thing."

But they're going to get help through a go-fund-me account. Posted last month it shares the Morgan's story, asking for $40,000. In 7 days, 55 people have already donated nearly $9,000.

"It's called love these people around are just amazing."

Amazing people who will help Emily and Kristen, live on, with one less worry.

"I think in the wake of this grief this will help them to see the goodness in people."

St. John's says it has an attorney at the church would will set up a trust for the girls, to make sure the money is managed.

The link for the go-fund-me account is
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