Homeless kids wishing for presents this Christmas

How you can be part of our "17 Days of Christmas" toy drive.
BAKERSFIELD, CA - At last count, there were 118 children living at the Bakersfield Homeless Center.

Even though they are there, each one of them is still dreaming about a present-filled Christmas. And, you can be a dream maker at our "17 Days of Christmas" toy drive.

They don't have a chimney for Santa, but Dylan, his sister Isabella and brother Isaiah are sure St. Nick will find them at the homeless center.

"Because he goes everywhere," said Dylan Griffin.

Five-year-old Isaiah and his siblings are among the more than 100 children who will be staying here this Christmas.

"I like Christmas because we always get toys. (Are you worried you aren't going to get toys this year?) Yeah, we are going to get toys from Santa Claus," said Isaiah.

They are counting on waking to presents, and that means they are counting on you.

While the kids here share nearly everything with other struggling families, your toy donations give them something new, of their very own.

"This allows us to make this normal for the kids and they are always excited, and of course that's always good to see." said Carolann Wooten, Bakersfield Homeless Center.

Even though there's no place to hang a stocking, they all have wish lists.

Dylan dreams of a Nintendo DS. "And, that's my one wish," he said.

And, it's a bike that Isabella and Isaiah would love to wake to.

"Ride on it. I go to the store and go everywhere when I have a bike. So I don't have to walk," said Isaiah.

"Me too," added Isabella.

Priceless dreams that circumstances can never stop and that donations will bring to life no matter where children fall asleep Christmas eve.

Santa Claus can find everybody. Santa Claus can find everybody," said Isaiah.

Donations of new, unwrapped gifts will go to the children living at the Bakersfield Homeless Center, former residents and kids at the Boys and Girls Club.

The toy drive runs through December 18th.

Toys can be dropped off at our studios at 2120 L street, between 8 a.m.  and 5 p.m.
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