Ridgecrest shooting victim's 911 call

Ridgecrest shooting victim's 911 call

Two gunshot victims are recovering out of the hospital. Ridgecrest Police release the 911 call made by Thaddeus Meier.
RIDGECREST, CA - Thaddeus Meier and Matthew Guidangen still face more surgeries and rehabilitation for their gunshot wounds. Meier's mother said her son lived through a nightmare, but will have to live with a broken heart because his girlfriend did not survive.

On the morning of October 25th, Meier called 911 after being shot multiple times. His concern was for his girlfriend, Brittany Matheny, who was also shot.

THADDEUS MEIER: "My girlfriend's going to die. Please get here now."

DISPATCH: "Yeah, we have officers on scene now."

Ridgecrest Police believe Meier's friend and one-time roommate, Sergio Munoz, turned violent and shot Matheny and Meier inside their apartment, before taking two hostages on a 35 mile police pursuit.

DISPATCH: "What's going on? Talk to me."

THADDEUS MEIER: "My girlfriend's dead."

DISPATCH: "Your girlfriend is dead?"


DISPATCH: "And, is she in that dirt lot?"

THADDEUS MEIER: "She's inside the house."

Officers later killed Munoz after they said he fired shots into traffic on Highway 395 and at the two hostages in his trunk. Matthew Guidangen and Amanda Garcia survived that shooting. According to Facebook posts, Guidangen is at home recovering in a wheelchair. He has a metal rod in one leg.

Garcia said by phone from her hospital room that she was in too much pain to talk.

Meier's mother said he was shot in both arms and will have another surgery soon.
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