Third grader is using Kool Aid to help homeless kids

Third grader is using Kool Aid to help homeless kids

Profits from Kool Aid stand will buy Christmas toys for less fortunate children.

BAKERSFIELD, CA - A local third grader is turning Kool Aid into Christmas joy for homeless children. The 8-year-old has recruited some of his friends to help him run a Kool Aid stand. And, all of the money he raises will be used to buy toys for less fortunate kids in our community for the holiday.

The goal is to raise $1,000 before the Black Friday sales. That's when Jaxon Evans plans to do his toy shopping. He's mixing up some more Kool Aid for his fundraising stand this weekend.

Jaxon and his friend, Rayna Vanmullen, were totaling two previous weekends of selling Kool Aid when 17 News caught up with them.

"I just saw Kool Aid and I asked my mom to get it and I was begging her," said Jaxon.

"Cause mom, it's cool to aid kids, and if you are giving aid, you are helping. And, it's cool to aid homeless kids. And, I said well there's your slogan right there," said Alandra Evans, Jaxon's mother.

"I said it's Kool Aid because it helps out people," said Jaxon.

Jaxon isn't keeping a cent of the money he's raising. He'll spend it all on toys for homeless kids this Christmas.

"No homeless kid has as much as I do. And, I know they are really sad right now, and I just want to give something they can have for fun," said Jaxon.

Future fun for the homeless kids has taken a lot of work. Pictures show Jaxon's last fundraiser. He was mixing drinks, making signs, and getting some help from friends, like 8-year old Rayna.

"He asked me, and then I had to think about it for a little while. And, then I came up with, yes," she said.

After two Saturdays spent at the stand, Jaxon is shy about $300 from his goal of $1,000. So, while the bushy, blonde-haired boy is mixing up more Kool Aid to reach it, he's stirring the hearts of those who meet him.

"I'm happy that he can see one person can make a difference," said Jaxon's mother, Alandra. "Not only is he raising money for homeless kids, but he's inspiring the people around him to be better people and think outside of themselves."

Jaxon will be manning his Kool Aid stand again this Saturday from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. It's across from Hart Elementary School at the corner of Ridge Oak and English Oak Drives. Jaxon wants to dress as Santa and pass the toys he buys, out himself.

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