Viral prank video features Bakersfield residents

Bakersfield residents get their cell phone conversations crashed by comedian Greg Benson.
BAKERSFIELD, CA- Bakersfield locals are at the center of a prank that has gone viral on YouTube. The prank is called 'cell phone crashing' and it targets those who talk loud on their cell phones in public.

Bakersfield residents Eric Hernandez, his wife Monica and her sister Valerie Duarte were waiting to board a flight to Texas when a simple cell phone conversation turned weird.

"I originally thought he was just mocking me, and then I realized every time I said something that he was answering what I was saying," said Eric Hernandez.

Little did they know their phone call was getting crashed.

"Cell phone crashing is something that I've been doing for a couple of years without even getting it on video. Everybody talks on their cell phone in public, and I just thought it would be funny one day to just start answering what they were saying. So I did it. It's so much fun. It confuses people. It really catches people off guard," said comedian Greg Benson.

Benson's YouTube video, "Cellphone Crashing at the Airport" was posted Sunday and has more than six million views. It has also captured national attention from news outlets like CNN.

Eric, Valerie and Monica didn't know the video was posted on YouTube, but friends and family were quick to let them know they were part of an internet sensation.
"Which was hilarious. We laughed. Our family and friends laughed. They thought it was the funniest thing," said Hernandez.

"Every ten seconds, we were getting phone calls and e-mails and texts," said Duarte. 

So did this prank make them think again before answering their next phone call?

"Yes it does. It makes me think twice, and it makes me think twice when I'm sitting next to somebody or standing as well," said Hernandez.

Hernandez says since the video has been posted, he watches it three to four times a day just to get a good laugh.
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